Master Electrician License Exam Preparation Course will begin April 1st, 2017 in Port St. Lucie, Florida for the June 3rd, 2017 Prometric Master Electrician  Exam.

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Classes to prepare working electricians who have 4 years or more of work experience as an electrician for a licensed electrical contractor to take and pass the Prometric Master Electrician License Exam  begin April 1st, 2017  at 9AM. Early registration is suggested to allow participants adequate time to complete the pre course checklist of assignments. Class size is limited. If space remains, registration is permitted right up to the first class day. But to have the best chance to succeed, early registration is recommended. Anyone who does not have work experience as an electrician adequate to take the exam can not take the exam upon which this course is based and should not enroll. Although a Journeyman License by examination is not required to take this course, knowledge of theory, math and code at the Journeyman Level is essential for successful participation. Click HERE for an evaluation quiz to determine if the Journeyman course should be part of your preparation before enrolling in the Master course.

Caution: Access to the internet is essential to participation in this course. Basic computer skills will be needed.

The course cost is  $600. This pays for 10 classes, study guide for the course, five Master Electrician 100 question practice examinations with audio support, and access to an online 10,000 problem Master Electrician Calculations Workbook. Here is a list of the workbooks which will be used in the course. Some will be given as hardcopy. Others will be available online at no charge.  Electrician Vocabulary Improvement,1000 Practical Questions, 10,000 Journeyman Electrician Calculations, Online audio support for calculations, Reference Formulas Appendix, Search Term Index, Technical Literacy List, five three hour 80 question  simulated Journeyman license exams with online audio support for every question, and five Master Electrician simulated exams of 100 questions each with online audio support. 

Click HERE to purchase any of these study materials by mail.

Each participant will be given a copy of the electrical theory book: Electricity One-Seven. Students will provide a 2011 loose-leaf edition of the National Electrical Code (Start reading from page 1 today.), and a Texas Instruments TI-30Xa calculator.

A registration deposit of $300 should be made to enroll. Use the Seat Reservation Form to enroll. A starter kit will then be sent. The kit contains assignments to complete before classes begin. The remaining $300 of course fee is due on the first day of class. Refunds are not given after classes begin. There are no free repeats for this course.

If you only want the course materials, and can not attend, send $300 to the course instructor. Use the set reservation form and indicate you will not be attending but want the course materials. Find other helpful material at and 

Classes meet 9AM to 3PM for nine Saturdays and one Friday.  This course is arranged so that on the day after the course is over, the actual exam is given. Everyone who enrolls for this course is expected to take the exam. Find specific details about class assignments HERE.

 There will be two 10 minute breaks and an hour for lunch at noon. The classes will be held in Port St. Lucie, Florida at a location to be  announced based on enrollment.

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Any license exam preparation course must be intense. A tremendous effort will be needed if success is to follow. Do not consider this course unless you plan to make a great effort. Unfortunately much of the actual exam is based on what seems to working electricians as useless information. Please make an attitude adjustment before classes begin to do what is necessary to pass the test. Prepare to spend at least 16 hours per week on homework in addition to class time. Yes, that is 16 hours each week. Also consider taking the course with someone you know so you can study together. A study partner will make the time spent studying more profitable. Read my thoughts about investing in yourself HERE.

If this is a program of instruction that you are considering for yourself, then begin as soon as possible to refresh your electrical vocabulary, electrical math, theory, and code knowledge. You do not need to enroll to begin these activities. Why not get a head start.

First, print the Technical Literacy List   for Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Electrician. Then work to develop the definitions for these words, terms, and abbreviations by memory.

Second, obtain a loose leaf edition of the 2011 NEC. Begin reading. Start with Article 90. Then on to all the definitions in 100. Make flash cards as needed to memorize, and understand, all definitions. After that, go on to read beginning with Article 110. Try to stick with reading an hour a day in the code book.

Third, refresh you knowledge of calculations. Use the material presented at 

Fourth, in Electricity One-Seven , begin reading from page one. Try to read thirty minutes each day to improve your reading speed and technical comprehension. (This book will be sent to you upon enrollment.)

Fifth, in Printreading 2005 ,2008, or 2011 by Miller, read through the first chapter. (This is optional depending on work experience with prints.)

If all this seems too much for you, then don't enroll in the course. This is just the tip of that proverbial iceberg.

David Ullian Larson is the instructor. Ask around about the course he teaches. Believe what anyone says about it. Listen to what anyone says about how difficult the course is. There is nothing easy about it. The course is comprehensive. It is not just classes on how to pass the test. Please don't start unless you plan to finish.  

Instructor Contact Information   772.336.0619

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Topic Outline      2017 Master Electrician Prometric License Exam Prep Classes in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Click on class number to see assignments for that class.

CLASS    DATE                 TOPICS

    1      April                       1     Introduction - Orientation - Right Triangle Trigonometry      
                                                  Calculator Practice Theory   NEC90        All 100's     

    2                                      8    Alternating Current Calculations
                                                  All 200's

   3                                      15      Service Aspects                                                            
                                                  All 300's                                                                                                  

   4                                       22     Voltage Drop                                                        
                                                  All 400's

   5                                       29   National Electrical Code Calculations  

   6        May                        6    Three Phase Circuits                                                        
                                                  All    600's                                                                                            

   7                                       13    Residential Multi Family Services                             
                                                  All 700's                                                                               

   8                                       20   Three Phase transformers                                                                
                                                  All 800's

   9                                       26    Commercial Service Aspects                                                   
                                                  All Chapter 9 plus Appendix          

  10       June                       2     Entire 2011 NEC Final Exam
This is a Friday Class

              June                       3    Actual Prometric Exam Date for St. Lucie and Martin Counties 


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