Lansing Community College 1973-1975

Memories of David Ullian Larson

Lansing Community College is in Lansing, Michigan. Barry Stern was the first person I ever talked to at LCC. He explained that I was younger at 30 than the average age of students when I expressed concern at being so old at 30 to start over again.

My course work was standard required courses. I did well. Other students called me Mr. Larson or sir. I never did meet all the older students. They all seemed like kids to me. In a year I had completed all the required courses. With my language credits from Syracuse University while in the USAF, I obtained an A.A. in 1974. An A.S. in 1975.

Several instructors were standouts:

People like Tipera Chiwocha. (please excuse the spelling) He was and is to date the most intelligent person I have ever met. A guy from Kenya with a British accent. He knew everything. He was the Western Civilization instructor for early civilizations. Going around the room one day, he asked the woman in front of me just why she seemed so uninterested in the subject. She admitted it was all so dry to her.

And he came right back in an instant with , "What can I do to make it wet?" He spoke about the people of Sumer Valley and of Egypt like they were members of his family. And, hey, they were. And they are our family too. He gave me that feeling. He was great.

Another fantastic guy was Bruce Edmunson. He could deliver a great lecture without notes, that brought together aspects of history in such a way, that everything was interesting. I was so motivated to do all the homework in that class, I can not explain why. What a great instructor.

I had a great time at LCC. A student came up to me one day after grades were posted. He was all excited about the 2 A's and 2 B's he got. I said, wonderful. Me, too. And I got another 2 A's and another B. I took a lot of classes.  No life outside school. Just classes.

I worked for Ed Bergmann in the Engineering Technology Department. He gave me a chance to acquire teaching experience. I worked as an instructor for two years. After graduating from FSU, my degree qualified me for a Staff Assistant position which I held for three years. This period of my life was fantastic. I worked hard to provide educational opportunities for students and part time faculty. I liked that. But I eventually had to graduate so I left in 1978.  That's when I moved to Florida.


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