Michigan State University 1974-1975

Memories of David Ullian Larson

Michigan State University is in Lansing, Michigan. The greatest event of my MSU experience was walking out of the administration office that first day after being told that MSU would be pleased to have me as a student since I had such a great record at Lansing Community College. Tears came to my eyes as I walked back to my car. I had done so poorly at the U of I and now here at this great school, they would be pleased to admit me. Wow. You had to be there.

My studies were exclusively in economics. I was quite interested in this discipline. So I completed many credits toward a minor in economics.

Many of the professors were sensational: Krinnen, Adams, Larrow, Stengel. They were all liberals. Brilliant. I'm more of an Atlas Shrugged John Galt conservative kind of guy. Ayn Rand, you know. But I was privileged to be present when these guys did their thing. 

My favorite memory of MSU is the feel of entering the main library on a wintery night. The copy center was just inside the door. As I entered, I felt as through the smell of warm paper filled with knowledge would penetrate my very being. Well, hey, that's how memories are, after all. If I want to remember it that way, they are my memories, so there.

Yep. MSU was great for me. This time when I went into the student union on a Sunday, I didn't have to clean tables or run silverware through the dishwasher. I felt like I had arrived. In many ways my real life began in Lansing. My failure at the U of I was muted by LCC and MSU. My bitterness over my military life had subsided. I could feel good about myself. That's what education is supposed to do. And for me, education did just that. So thanks LCC and thanks MSU.

My credits applied to my B.S. degree at Ferris and let me get it fast at FSU.

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