University of Illinois 1961

Memories of David Ullian Larson

The University of Illinois is located in Urbana, Illinois. The typical move for high school graduates was college in 1961. So I worked all summer, saved my $500 and started at the U of I in September. My course load was pathetic. English, Literature, Zoology, Chemistry, and Band. Me who did not do that well in high school now in with the big fish in a big pond. I got sunk.

Let me be kind and admit that I simply had no ability to focus on my studies. I worked at the student union for food. I paid for a room from my savings. And there was no way I could survive past a single semester. I do have many memories of working in the kitchen of the student union. And I remember going to a library full of neat old books which had nothing to do with my classes. Lastly I remember skipping classes occasionally. I still have the dream where I go to a class. Look in, and do not go in.

After one semester I quit and enlisted in the US Air Force. I haven't been back, since.

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