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Every electrician who expects to advance in the electrical career field must accumulate an assortment of reference books. Books which need to be consulted regularly belong on a shelf in your home or office.

Here is an annotated bibliography of books which belong in the library of every working electrician, in my opinion. The titles are grouped by job title. The specific tasks performed on the job by an electrician are so varied as to make a list like this only useful for suggestions

First Year Electrical Apprentice

    American Heritage Dictionary
    Electrician Vocabulary Workbook by Larson
    National Electrical Code (looseleaf edition)
    Electricity One-Seven by Mileaf
    Math For Electricity and Electronics by Singer
    Electrician Technical Literacy Lists by Larson

Second Year Electrical Apprentice

    Print Reading and the NEC American Technical Publishers
    Practical Questions on Electrician Examinations
    Search Term Index

Third Year Electrical Apprentice

    Motor Basics
    Security Alarm Systems
    Bendfield Conduit Bending Manual
    Ugly's Code Reference

Fourth Year Electrical Apprentice

    Motor Control Fundamentals
    Fire Alarm Systems NFPA
    Practice License Exams
    American Electricians' Handbook
    Calculations Workbook
    Reference Formulas Appendix
    Journeyman Practice Exams
    UL Grey Book
    Firm's Fast Finder
    Stallcup's Journeyman Electrical Study Guide
    Stallcup's Electrical Grounding and Bonding Simplified

Journeyman Electrician

    Handbook to the NEC NFPA
    UL Green Book
    Stallcup Master Electrician Study Guide
    Stallcup Electrical Design Book

Master Electrician

    Life Safety Code
    Electronics One-Seven
    UL Red Book
    National Fire Alarm Code NFPA
    Electrical Installations on Hazardous Locations

Electrical Contractor

    Business Practices
    Life Safety Code
    Electrical Safety Program NFPA
    Fire Alarm Signaling Systems NFPA
    Uniform Mechanical Code NFPA
    Electrical Standard For Industrial Machinery
    Standard For Electrical Safety Requirements For Employee Workplace NFPA
    Successful Electrical Contractor
    Electrical Inspector
    Inspection Checklists                 


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