Electrician Technical Literacy List

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A List of 3000+ Words, Terms, and Symbols Important to Electricians

Electrician Technical Literacy List  :  A List of 3000+ Words Terms and Symbols Important to Electricians contains specifics on the technical language base upon which every electrician can build their knowledge. Divided into three lists, apprentice, journeyman, and master, an electrician can read through the list to discover what they need to know. This workbook is particularly useful to anyone working to improve vocabulary, reading speed, and reading comprehension in preparation for an electrician examination.

An additional benefit from study in this workbook is the dramatic improvement which reading speed and comprehension which results from vocabulary study.

Contents of this workbook are exclusively intended to assist working electricians prepare for license and certification examinations. The workbook is a guide for self study to improve competence in preparation for exams given by governmental agencies throughout the USA. The content is based on standard electrical theory, work practices, and the National Electrical CodeŽ. 

The electrician job levels for which this workbook is suitable include electrician beginner, electrical apprentice, journeyman electrician, master electrician, maintenance electrician, and electrical inspector. This workbook is technically specific to the electrical construction and maintenance occupational area where installations are based on the National Electrical CodeŽ.

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