Master Electrician Practice License Exams 2002 NEC - Digital Delivery $20

Experior Format - 100 questions/4 hour time limit -

Four Different Exams - References Based on 2002 NEC.

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This item is a collection of four different practice exams for electricians at the Master Electrician level produced by David U. Larson . Experior is one testing agency for these exams. The exams have been refined over the past thirty years of classroom use for effective application in the courses which I instruct. Another good use for these practice questions is to improve familiarity with the 2002 NEC. Many article number were changed from the 1999 NEC. Taking these exams would be a good way to keep up with the new code article numbers and changes. Each question is intended to challenge a student to test memory, test search skills, and test test taking strategy. Appropriate articles of the NEC for this license level are comprehensively included.

Success at test taking has little to do with success as a working electrician, unfortunately. Even though a working electrician will never be asked to calculate the cooking load for a multi-family dwelling, at any license level, that sort of question is common. So why should a student be required to answer what is the minimum feeder demand for 26 cooking appliances in a residential dwelling if each is 14.6kW? You got me. But that sort of question is common. So many question concepts seem out of place. Fortunately working electricians are conditioned to do what ever is required of them to get a job done. This test taking experience is no different for them. Just get it done.

Many states use exams like these to test electricians prior to awarding licenses. All questions and answers are based on the 2002 National Electrical Code. There are a total of 400 different practice questions. This collection of questions is also useful to anyone studying for a Master Electrician exam.

There are four separate practice exams in the Experior format:100 questions with a 4 hour time limit. Each exam is open book with the 2002 NEC the only permitted reference. All questions are multiple choice style as are the actual exams. There are five questions per page.

Even if the exam you will take is not the Experior type, meaning 100 questions with a four hour time limit, these practice exams will definately help you get ready for any exam. An excellent study technique is to use practice exams to identify strengths and weaknesses. This helps establish a study plan for concentration on topics which may be difficult for you.

Each test has an answer sheet with the NEC reference number given where appropriate.

Here is a sample page:

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Good luck as you work to prepare for your next electrical license exam.


David U. Larson