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Master Electrician Calculations Workbook #4

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These practice worksheets are intended to be used with a Texas Instruments® TI-30Xa calculator. You may use any calculator but this is the model which will be used for instructional purposes.

MECWB Master Electrician Calculations Workbook

Multifamily Residential Service Calculations

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91  Service Calculations  -  Standard Mobile Home
92  Service Calculations  -  Optional Mobile Home
93  Service Calculations  -  Mobile Home Park
94  Service Calculations  -  Standard Duplex
95  Service Calculations  -  Optional  Duplex
96  Service Calculations  -  Duplex Dwelling Units
97  Service Calculations  -  Standard Triplex
98  Service Calculations  -  Optional Triplex
99 Service Calculations  -   Triplex Dwelling Units
100  Service Calculations  -  Standard Quadruplex
101  Service Calculations  -  Optional Quadruplex
102  Service Calculations  -  Quadruplex Dwelling Units
103  Service Calculations  -  Standard Multi- Family
104  Service Calculations  -  Optional Multi-Family
105  Service Calculations  -  Multi-Family Dwelling
106  Service Calculations  -  Multi-Family Dwelling
107  Service Calculations  -  Multi-Family Dwelling
108  Service Calculations  -  Motel
109  Service Calculations  -  Motel
110  Service Calculations  -  Hotel
111  Service Calculations  -  Hotel
112  Service Calculations  -  Assisted Living Facility
113  Service Calculations  -  Assisted Living Facility
114  Three Phase Feeders  -  Household Cooking Loads
115  Range Feeder Demand Note 1
116  Range Feeder Demand Note 2
117  Three Phase Feeder  -  Household Cooking Story Problems
118  Service Calculations  - Recreational Vehicle Park
119  Recreational Vehicle Park  -  Minimum Number of Receptacles
120  Service Calculations  -  RV Park 


Answers are provided in the digital download for all problems.
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Answers are numbered as pages numbered 91-120 and are found as the last half of the digital download.

Note: Each of these calculations workbook topics has an audio support file available for unlimited use. These audio files are intended to explain each calculations technique. They may be played over and over until you can perform the indicated operation. There is no additional charge for this support. But you will need an audio player. Google Real Audio Player to obtain a free download of a player. Your computer probably already has an audio player installed. Be sure your volume is turned on and not set on mute to access these files.

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