Digital Journeyman Electrician Practice License Exams  20214 Prometric

Prometric Exam Number 20214

5 practice exams with 80 Questions each

Based on the 2011 National Electrical Code

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Journeyman Electrician 80 Questions 3 hours - Prometric Test Number 20214 (2011 NEC) 

This item includes five different practice exams for the Journeyman Electrician Exam Number 20214. The questions reflect the published proportion of question types for Prometric. These exams are based on the 2011 NEC.

Answers, 2011 NEC References where appropriate, and search terms are included for each question on each exam.

See the chart below which reflects these percentages and number of questions on each exam.

Journeyman Electrician 80 Questions 3 hours
NEC 200
NEC 300
NEC 400
Special Occ
NEC 500
Special Equip
NEC 600
Special Cond
NEC 700
NEC 800
% questions
#  questions

Here is a sample page:


Special Bonus

Audio support has been added to for the Journeyman Electrician practice exams based on the 2005 NEC. If you have a computer connected to the internet that plays audio with a media player like Real Audio, you can hear explanations of answers to all 400 questions.

This audio support is included as a benefit to anyone who purchases the practice exams. In a way it is like having a private tutor to explain each question. The good news is that each audio support answer can be played anytime and as many times as needed for clarification. There is no additional charge for this feature. Click HERE for a sample of these audio support files.

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