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This Electrician Beginner Workbook is a 130+ page comprehensive plan workbook written to provide facts useful to a person who seeks a job as an electrician in construction and maintenance. From a job description, the contents move through working locations, employer types, compensation, working conditions, job hazards to preparing for an interview. Examples of reading exercises are included to help strengthen reading speed, comprehension and vocabulary. Math vocabulary and calculator technique are an important part of this workbook. Information on safety, tool use and the physics of electricity are added. Then a full explanation of substitution algebra with Ohms Watts formulas as practice calculations is included. 

The suggestion that electrical apprenticeship is highly desirable introduces the section on how to do well in related instruction. The importance of identifying a mentor and tutor is stated. Then a section on technical literacy development for an electrical apprentice is a major part of the appendix. Lastly, a 100 question practice exam gives a participant in this self paced workbook approach to getting introduced to the electrical construction and maintenance occupation a chance to demonstrate competence. 

Over 1500 practice problems, questions, and calculations are included with answers. The entire workbook is supported online with supplemental material to expand on the contents. Further there are audio lectures online to explain difficult concepts. A separate section of the web site is set aside to encourage additional learning. 

This might be the best $24.99 you ever sent off for a helpful book. Full refund if not pleased. And postpaid for $24.99 at this time. Click HERE to read about how an experienced electrician like me feels about investing in educational material pertinent to the trade. Updated 2011.

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