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This course of instruction is intended to assist an electrical contractor in creating an Electrical Contractor Employee Handbook. It is an online course of background details, content format and production procedures needed to produce an employee handbook for electrical workers.

Employees need company policy on all aspects of their position with your company An employee handbook is just the right way to pass on many details at once.

The internet provides background details on many topics which an electrical contractor needs to know to effectively orient employees to the company. This course of study allows an electrical contractor employer to focus on each aspect of an employee handbook.

Many of the details needed for the employee handbook are known to an electrical contractor. So reducing them to the written word is the major activity which will be encountered in this continuing education course. 

But chances are, there are some aspects which need to be thought out, then written. This will take some time to complete. It is best if some time passes between beginning and finalizing on the employee handbook to give the ideas a chance to form and be revised. 

So this course provides the format necessary to complete a very important document for any electrical contractor. 

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Please move through the assignments for this course by clicking on the HERE where it is written Click HERE to continue at the bottom of each page. This will carry you through all the steps to complete the course requirements.


The purpose of this Electrical Contractor Employee Handbook Course  is for each participant to produce a useful handbook based on their needs. This effort should have these important results.

A successful employee handbook:

    will provide details on company procedures
    will improve communication.
    will encourage safe work habits
    will answer frequently asked questions.
    will fix the goals of a company for everyone.
    will establish company expectations of employees.
    will provide support for new employees.
    will contribute to company employee morale
    will give specific rules which are to be followed.
    will define a  sense of the company to all employees.
    will inform employees of appropriate behavior.

Now move on to read the details about this course.

Directions To Complete The Assignment

Electrical Contractor Employee Handbook steps to completion:

Please follow these steps. You may want to print this page and set it as a favorite or create a shortcut to use as a guide as you progress through the assignment. Complete each step before going on to the next one.
1. Read through sample handbooks produced by others to get ideas of what yours should look like. Click HERE to go to these informative employee handbooks. Use your back button to return.

2. Ask around to see employee handbooks produced by your friends who are in the  business. Dig out the employee handbook your company uses. Go through as many employee handbooks as you can find to see what you like and what you would change. Pay particular attention to employee safety. Click HERE to find helpful details about employee safety for electrical workers which might be great for your employee handbook.

3. Investigate employment law so you will be sure to know how to complete that section of the employee handbook. Click HERE to go to these useful links.

4. Look over information about how to use a template to construct an employee handbook. Click HERE to be directed to this information. You do not need a template to complete this assignment. But you may use one if you choose.

5. Evaluate your current mission statement with help from the details provided at several current web sites. Click HERE to be connected. This is a great activity. You'll probably want to or need to spend hours on this.

6. Select and modify job descriptions for all the levels of electrical workers you have in your employ. These will be a part of the employee handbook when it is complete. Click HERE to see representative samples of rough drafts of job descriptions.

7. Print a copy of the rough draft of a generic electrical contractor employee handbook. Click HERE to print it. It will be about ten pages. Look it over as it prints. 

8. Copy and paste this generic electrical contractor employee handbook outline into a file on your computer where you can make changes. This could be notepad, word, works, or even outlook express drafts. You get the idea. By doing this, you will be able to have a starting point. If you choose to do all the data entry yourself, that's OK too.

9.  Write a welcome page to your new employees.

10. Personalize the employee receipt page with your company data.

11. Gather names, telephone numbers for the contact page.

12. Go on to each of the sections of the rough draft outline from A to R. Add, subtract, modify, correct as needed by hand on this copy so it is representative of your company. Include details about what you feel is appropriate for each topic. When completed with this task, set the handbook aside for several days. Then return to it with the thought of making additional corrections as needed.

13. After a rough draft read, making corrections as needed, have all the data entered into your computer. You may use the format provided as a part of this course, or you may select your own. Then print this improved, typed, rough draft copy. Be sure to pass it around to anyone in your company who may be able to offer suggestions for improvement. Let others help you.

14. Evaluate the suggestions and make changes as appropriate. Retype the document. Reprint the document.

15. Again, let the employee handbook sit on a shelf for a week or more. Then return to it. Read it from the perspective of an employee. Would you like to be an employee at this company as presented in this employee handbook if you were to hire into this company? Then make changes again as needed. Retype. Print.

16. When you like your result, make copies for all employees. Distribute them.

17. Listen to remarks made by employees. Keep a corrections copy to include appropriate suggestions for the next reprint in, say, six months.

Click HERE to continue.