Invest In Yourself

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Why is it that most electricians just love to spend money to buy hand tools, but do not seem to spend much money on brain tools?

Simply from an investment perspective, money invested in any kind of tool is better than the same amount put in the bank. And yes, hand tools are essential to get a job done. Couldn't the same be said for brain tools?

I think of brain tools as including the most recent edition of the National Electrical CodeŽ, theory books, workbooks, educational field trips, workshops, seminars of all kinds, license exam preparation materials, college courses, continuing education, and even tutors.

What I have noticed over the years as an electrician, electrician instructor, and provider of electrical study materials is that most electricians do nothing much to advance their education beyond what they pick up on the job. Obviously you are an exception if you are reading this. That means you will advance over other workers.

Back to knowledge. Sure, electricians might not want to invest more in their education because they feel they learn enough on the job each day. That is certainly true to a point. So the need for education might partially be satisfied with daily exposure. But what about those topics which will come in the future? Some advanced theory study is essential to be ready for the future.

A book I have found useful and have recommended it many many times is
What Color Is Your Parachute? It is available at most libraries and book stores. There is even a companion web site at where additional tips are given to aid in the career decision process which is difficult for everyone.

I believe that professional development must be structured to constantly challenge each electrician to be the best they can be in a career progression. Take a look at some of the possible career progressions for an electrician by clicking HERE. 

Some plan is needed to include development through the various license levels, specialty technical training now and then as preparation for job satisfaction, career advancement, and financial rewards. Static is no better on the radio than it is in a career.

To that end I suggest a career path design. And where the various educational materials available for sale on web sites like mine suit that path, go ahead and invest in yourself. 




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