Master Electrician Online Exam Preparation - Assignment #10

Topic Source
Time Budget
Time Spent
Electricity One-Seven (Mileaf)
Skim read All Volume 7
1 hour
2005 NEC (NFPA)
Review all NEC
1 hour
American Electricians' Handbook (Croft)
Page through from bookmark then bookmark
1/2 hour
Printreading 2005 NEC (Miller)
Read through entire book
1 hour
Electrician Technical Literacy List (Larson)
Masters List Review All
2 hours
Electrician Vocabulary Improvement Workbook (Larson)
37-40    49-50
2 hours
Back-of-the-book Questions
NEC Chapters 5,6,7, and 8
Complete Questions 350-400
2 hours
Lab #10
1 hour
Quiz #10
1/2 hour
Search Term Index (Larson)
Look through the entire reference
1/2 hour
General Knowledge Questions for Electrician Examinations (Larson)
37-40    50
2 hours
Open Book Questions for Electrician Examinations (Larson)
37-40    59-60
2 hours
Journeyman Electrician Calculations Workbook (Larson)
103-107  172-180
1 hour
Master Electrician Calculations Workbook (Larson)
131-150  178-180
2 hours
Reference Formulas Appendix (Larson)
Journeyman Electrician Practice Examinations (Larson)
Master Electrician Practice Examinations (Larson)

Exam #5
4 hours






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