Computer Hardware, Software and Skills

Since this program of instruction is online, you will obviously need a computer connected to the internet available for your use. Oh, you won't need a computer all the time. But much of the support material is so extensive, the internet is the only media method that is economical enough to supply it.

A 56K dial-up connection will work fine. DSL and broadband are great but not essential to succeed. I have a 56K modem and don't mind the few extra seconds some things take to load. 

You will need audio capability on the computer you use for your studies. You can check to see if the computer youo are using right now has this capability.

Make sure the speakers are turned on and the volume is turned up. Now click HERE.

I you were able to hear the music, great. If not, investigate what you need to do to be able to access audio on your computer.

As far as your computer skills are concerned, here's a list of what you need to know. How to:

    turn on the computer  -  turn off the computer  -  log on  -  log off
    turn on your printer - turn off the printer - add paper
    access the internet  -  log on - log off
    enter a URL in the address bar to access a web page
    set a page as a shortcut on your desktop with a right click
    send and answer email messages
    print a page
    type a bit
    click on hyperlinks to access them
    use your back button to return to a previous page

You may need help with some of this at first. Ask your family members for help. Or friends. But master each aspect as soon as possible so you won't be held back in your studies while waiting for someone else to get you going with a computer technique you do not know.

Use this Google search box to find topics on this website: 

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