Online Exam Preparation Cost

The cost of this online exam preparation program of instruction is huge. Be prepared. 

Of some significance is the dollar amount that will be needed for course materials. A good estimate for this is about $400. Find a supplies list HERE.

The amount you need to pay me, the instructor, is $200 for the Journeyman level and $300 for the Masters level. This includes the print materials I will sent you by USPS Priority Mail. It also pays for the internet website and bandwidth charges to keep the online material available 24 hours a day, every day.

Then the licensing department for your municipality will have a fee to pay to be sponsored to take the exam. And the folks who provide the exam will have a fee. Inquire in advance to determine these fees.

There also may be a dollar amount needed for tutors to help you master certain topics. This could be as little as buying a fellow worker lunch while explaining something to you. Or it could be dollars for one-on-one telephone instruction from me at $20 per half hour if you ever need that. I'll even pay for the call. Telephone tutoring must be scheduled in advance by email.

But without a doubt, the greatest cost will be the time you will need to spend to prepare for your examination. A reasonable estimate of the time needed could be as little as 100 hours for the Journeyman and 160 hours for the Masters. This could increase to what ever amount is needed to perfect your knowledge of each topic. If you have prior training through apprenticeship or other exam prep courses, the time could be substantially reduced. Only you will know, as you proceed, how much time you will need to get ready for the exam. If you have kept up with all editions of the NEC, you'll be ahead of the curve.

Another un quantified cost is the emotional and mental strain that will be put on you, on your family and on your friends. During your period of study, you will not be able to enjoy leisure time activities. Study takes time. If you have it, wonderful. If you don't have spare time for study, don't bother with this program. You know deep down if you can manage your time to include 5 to 10 hours per week on studies. Trust your little voice, as Thomas Magnum would say.

Do the people work first before you begin. Let everyone one know you will not be available as frequently for activities. Plan a study time which finds you alert. This could be before work, after work, or weekends. But don't expect to be able to read the NEC at 11PM at night. It will put you to sleep faster than a pill.

There may be a cost associated with your computer hardware and software. A printer is essential for this program as is connection to the internet. These all cost money.

If you plan to use library computers, then figure gas money. Note: the libraries of today are not the quiet places of the past that you may remember. Don't be surprised, or upset, that libraries are now audible voice friendly places. And it is not just the kids, and infants. Even parents have cell phone conversations at full volume without regard for others. This is just a pet peeve of mine which I have to get over. You may, too. Times have changed libraries, too.

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