Any program of instruction like mine will require you to temporarily alter your life style. This particular program of instruction should be very interesting to you. It is about your occupation, after all. But motivation to complete a program like this is an unusual commodity to possess. Luckily, most electricians have that trait. We are forced to stick with a problem until it is solved. That is an every day thing with us.

So the most important trait you will need for this program is stick-to-it-ive-ness. You'll have to possess "High Hopes" Click HERE for mood music as you read on. Minimize the audio screen and keep reading as you listen to the music.

Below this entry you will find links to topics I feel are important enough to your success to be included. So who am I? David U. Larson, that's who. I'll serve as your guide through this license exam prep experience. I've taught license exam prep as long ago as 1978 and as recently as a few months ago. My next Journeyman Class is planned for September. My next Master program is planned for February. All the materials used in this online program have been electrician tested in my classes.

Read more about me HERE.

As you work through this list of links, be thinking about if this program seems right for you, now.

If it does, keep clicking. If at any time you find yourself bored or wanting to skip even one link, don't bother with this online program. If you don't want to follow the orientation, take that as a sign that you'll probably not follow the lessons, either. Save your cash. Do side jobs with your spare time until you are ready for license exam prep. The day will come.  Please do not begin this program unless you make a commitment to follow it through until you pass your exam and have your license in hand.

Are you in? Then get to it. Click on.

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The next Journeyman Electrician Course in Port St. Lucie begins September 12th, 2009. Details HERE.
The next Master Electrician Course in Port St. Lucie begins January 9th, 2010. Details HERE.
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