Supplies Needed

A looseleaf edition of the 2005 National Electrical Code is the first thing to obtain. The minute you receive it, start reading and do not stop.

Here is a link to where you can buy this item if it is not available at a local supply house. Price the item around before you buy. The 2005 should be somewhat less now that the 2008 is due out in late 2007.

A Texas Instruments TI-30Xa calculator for about $14 is the best calculator for the Journeyman and Master electrician programs of instruction. It is the calculator used for the calculator technique given for calculations.

A good English dictionary like an American Heritage Collegiate Edition is necessary. Here is a picture of the cover. You can click on this book to buy it from with any debit or credit card.

Printreading 2005 NEC by American Technical Publishers. Use this link to order your copy from with a debit or credit card.


An available copy of the American Electricians' Handbook would be handy to have access to while studying. Normally this book can be found in most libraries. It's over a hundred dollars. That might be a little bit much for right now. But eventually if you plan to continue to be an electrician, this book belongs in your at-home library.

Other Stuff Needed


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The next Journeyman Electrician Course in Port St. Lucie begins September 12th, 2009. Details HERE.
The next Master Electrician Course in Port St. Lucie begins January 9th, 2010. Details HERE.
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