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Students of the National Electrical Code and Electrical Theory encounter many technical terms. The meaning of each of these words is important to master since the meaning of a word, when not known, can result in answering a question incorrectly.

As an electrical instructor, my remarks to students often go to the specific meaning of a word or technical term. The technical literacy list available as a free download at this website will go a long way to improving your vocabulary. That, in conjunction with article 100 of the NEC, will be very important in preparation for an electrical examination. Find it HERE.

Now having said that, I am pretty much certain that anyone reading this will ignore my suggestion. Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

Here's a sample of the problem you will encounter on an exam. Answer this question to the best of your ability without reference:

Say you have two four square boxes connected with a 1/2 inch electrical metallic tubing run. And in that pipe there is one black wire and one white wire. What is the technical term which identifies the white wire? Click on your final answer.

a. hot wire

b. ground wire

c. neutral wire

d. none of these

See what I mean about technical literacy? It can get you in a lot of trouble if you don't have it.

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