Who is this program designed for?

Electricians with time enough in the trade working for a licensed electrical contractor which will allow them to be sponsored by their local licensing department to take the exam are just right for this program.

This program is not for anyone wanting to become an electrician. If you are not currently working for an electrical contractor, that is your first step. Click HERE for more information that is useful to a beginner electrician.

If you are prepared to spend time and money to gain knowledge which is needed to take and pass your license exam, this program is great.

However, if you expect these materials to sink into your brain just because you buy them, well then, no. The program is not for you. To benefit from this program you have to be willing to commit the time necessary to take you from what ever level of knowledge you now have to what it takes to pass the exam.

To be successful you will be required to:

    spend your hard earned money
    spend your free time for a while
    improve your reading comprehension and reading speed
    read the entire National Electrical Code
    perfect electrical calculations
    add a significant number of words to your technical vocabulary including definitions
    set aside what you have learned on the job if it is not according to the NEC
    relearn anything you find you have learned incorrectly

Look, if you feel these are tasks you simply can not perform, forget about this program.

But if this all sounds of use to you, then click on.

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The next Journeyman Electrician Course in Port St. Lucie begins September 12th, 2009. Details HERE.
The next Master Electrician Course in Port St. Lucie begins January 9th, 2010. Details HERE.
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