Electrical Inspector License Exam Prep Online Course - 2005 NEC

Self Study program for International Code Congress Exam -  $300

This program of instruction takes you, a working electrician with enough verifiable work experience to take the exam, from the basics in theory, math, and code to the level of knowledge necessary to pass the International Code Congress Electrical Inspector Exams based on the 2005 NEC.

Constructed by a 30+ year electrician and electrical instructor, David Ullian Larson, the course is sequential. Follow the steps. Complete each task. Then in as few as 20 weeks or as many as 52 weeks, take and pass the exam. Allow yourself to do a great job as you proceed. Don't rush your preparation. If you're looking for something to help you get ready for an exam next week, click on. This material is not for you.

The pace of instruction is determined by you. Some topics will be new to you yet other topics will be familiar. So increase or decrease the time spent depending on your competence.

Upon receipt of payment, you will be sent print material to use in conjunction with substantial online content from various web sites. Access to an internet connected computer, with audio capabilities and a printer, is essential to participate in this online course.

There are 10 assignments. Follow the directions for the first assignment. When complete, and only then, move on to the next assignment. The course assumes no prior knowledge. Although a Journeyman License by exam is a great asset to taking this online course, it is not required. However, if you have no formal training in the theory. math, and code, you  will need more time to catch up on all that is typically learned as a part of the Journeyman Level of  electrician education.

Email is available for support. And you are encouraged to have telephone contact with the instructor for clarification of assignments as needed on an appointment basis. Telephone contact must be scheduled in advance through email.

The full purchase price of the course is refundable, if a student is not pleased with the material received, for up to 7 days after receipt. Check my feedback at eBay HERE.

The course cost for print material, online support, email and telephone contact is $300. 

Here's what will be available online for this course. This is a topics list which will be sent to you upon receipt of payment. The list you will receive will have hyperlinks so you can access the online material.

Invest In Yourself
Build a Reference Library
Supplies List
Reading Improvement
Math Test   Answers with Audio Support
Assignments For Self Study
Electrical Terms Glossary
Technical Literacy List 
Electrical Theory Background
Study Tips
General Knowledge Questions  
Diagnostic Exams
Electrical Calculations Worksheets  Audio Support    1-180
Calculations Check Values
Math Tips
2005 NEC Search Term Index (Print this)
2005 NEC Extra 400 NEC Questions Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8    Answers
Printreading 2005 Expanded Index (Print this)
Electrical Update (Reading Practice)
International Code Congress Website (No affiliation)
Test Taking Tips
Answers to all electrical exams at all levels (Joke)
Time Management
Tricky Questions
Bad Questions
Skip Question
Electrical Inspector Practice Exams Audio Support

Here's what you'll get in the mail, postpaid by USPS Priority Mail to any USA address:

Search Term Index 2005 NEC
Reference Formulas Appendix
Vocabulary Matching Workbook
10,000 Electrical Inspector Calculations  
1000 general knowledge questions
1000 Practice NEC questions with answers and reference
400 Chapter 5, 6, 7, and 8  extra NEC questions and answers
Practice Exams with answers and audio support

You'll need to obtain these materials yourself:

2005 NEC looseleaf edition
TI30Xa Texas Instruments TI-30XA calculator
Supplies as you may need
Printreading 2005 NEC book by American Technical Publishers 

This program of online instruction will follow the assignments as stipulated on the assignment pages. 
Click on each assignment to see what is included. Links to support material will be provided to you upon payment of your fee. You will receive the URL of the support material where links on the assignments pages will be included and active.  

Electrical Inspector Online Exam Prep Orientation
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Electrical Inspector Assignment #1
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Electrical Inspector Assignment #3
 Electrical Inspector Assignment #4
 Electrical Inspector Assignment #5
 Electrical Inspector Assignment #6
Electrical Inspector Assignment #7
 Electrical Inspector Assignment #8
 Electrical Inspector Assignment #9
Electrical Inspector Assignment #10

Do not rush your studies. Allow yourself time to succeed. All of this work takes time. A normal amount of prep time would be about twenty weeks of self study. But if your background is greater or lesser than average, you may take less or more time. In any case, do not plan to take the actual exam until you have completed all the assignments offered here at ElectricianEducation.com.

When you make your payment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed. Good luck.

You may order with a check or money order. Send a copy of this page with your payment to:

David U. Larson
1342 SW Patricia Avenue
Port St. Lucie, Florida 34953-4903