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The $500 Series EE
The $500 Series EE

The Payroll Bond Savings Plan is simply one of the easiest and surest ways to save money.

You only have to enroll once to start years of regular, automatic Payroll deduction.

The Payroll Savings Bond Plan is flexible. If your needs and goals change, you can adjust your deductions by notifying the Payroll Office anytime.

You can also choose an allotment amount that fits your budget, the University of Washington allows a payroll deduction as low as $12.50 each pay period.

Once your allotments reach the purchase price of the Savings Bonds you've chosen, the University of Washington Payroll Office orders the bond for you and they are mailed to the address you have chosen. Orders are placed once a month after the 10th payday.


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Series EE

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