Electrician Calculations Workbook

The Electrician Calculations Workbook is intended to allow an experienced electrician to verify their skill at making electrical calculations. It is also useful to anyone working to improve their knowledge of electrician calculations made on the job or on license exams.

Here is the table of contents with page numbers to show what's included:
Front Cover  1
Dedication Copyright  2
Introduction  3
Table of Contents  4-5
How to use this workbook - Calculator Use  6-7
Problem Types  8-9
Online Support  -  Problem Grid  10-11
Calculator Practice 12-19
Ohms Watts Law  20-23
Series Circuits  24-25
Parallel Circuits  26-29
Combination Circuits  30-31
Box Fill  32-37
Conduit Fill  38-44
Gutter Fill  45
Ampacity  46-53
Voltage Drop  54-57
Transformers  58-63
Motors  64-73
Service Aspects  74-91
Trigonometry  92-93
AC Ohms Watts  94-99
Inductance Capacitance  100-101
Voltage Drop Percent  102
General Lighting Load  103
Residential Appliances  104-105
Paralleled Conductors  106
Equipment Grounding Conductors  107
Conductors in Free Air  108
Voltage Drop Multiple Legs  109
Wire ways  110
AC Equipment  111
Transformer Aspects  Capacitors  112-113
Cranes Welders  114-116
AC Circuits Three Phase Motors  117-123
Voltage Drop Three Phase  124-125
Services  126-133
RV Park Service  134-135
Commercial Services  136-139
Motor Control  140-141
Index 142

This Electrician Calculations Workbook presents electrical math problems likely to be encountered
on the job and on examinations. The more than 5000 different problems offer adequate practice
to any electrician. There are 144 pages. Each is 8 1/2 x 11 inches, three hole punched for insertion in a three ring binder which is not included.

Problem types are grouped.
Technique of solution is given.
Calculator methods are explained.
Answers to every problem are provided online.
Additional practice problems are provided online.
And audio explanation of every problem type is provided.

This item needs the companion item, Reference Formulas Appendix which is ordered separately. It is $20 postpaid. 

Both items are punched with five holes for inclusion in a looseleaf edition of the National Electrical Code. The pages are all 8 1/2 x 11 inches copied on both sides.
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