JECWB Journeyman Electrician Calculations Workbook

Series, Parallel and Combination Circuits Table of Contents

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31  Series Circuits   E I
32  Series Circuits   R P
33  Series Circuits   Diagrams  3 components
34  Series Circuits   Diagrams  4 components
35  Series Circuits   Diagrams  5 components
36  Series Circuits   Diagrams  6 components
37  Series Circuits   Diagrams  7 components
38  Series Circuits   Diagrams 10 components
39  Series Circuits   Story Problems
40  Worksheet
41  Worksheet
42  Parallel Circuits   E I
43  Parallel Circuits   R P
44  Resistance total in Parallel when all same - when only two
45  Parallel Circuit Diagrams  3 components
46  Parallel Circuit Diagrams  4 components
47  Parallel Circuit Diagrams  5 components
48  Parallel Circuit Diagrams  6 components
49  Parallel Circuit Diagrams  8 components
50  Parallel Circuit Diagrams 10 components
51  Parallel Circuits Story Problems
52  Worksheet
53  Worksheet
54  Combination Circuit Diagrams  3 components
55  Combination Circuit Diagrams  4 components
56  Combination Circuit Diagrams  5 components
57  Combination Circuit Diagrams  6 components
58  Combination Circuit Diagrams  7 components
59  Combination Circuit Diagrams  8 components
60  Combination Circuit Diagrams  9 components
61  Combination Circuit Diagrams 10 components
62  Combination Circuit Diagrams 10 components

Answers are provided  for all problems.
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Answers are numbered as pages numbered 31-62 and are found as the last half of the workbook.

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