JECWB Journeyman Electrician Calculations Workbook

Box Fill, Junction Box Sizing, Conduit Fill and Nipple Fill Table of Contents

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63  Box Sizing
64  Junction Box Sizing
65  Box Fill-NM cable
66  Box Fill Story Problems
67  Box Fill Story Problems
68  Box Fill Story Problems
69  Box Fill Story Problems
70  Pull Boxes-Straight Pulls-Angle Pulls
71  Pull Boxes-U Pulls  Back-of-the-Box Pulls
72  Pull Boxes-Multiple Entries
73  Pull Boxes-Multiple Entries
74  Pull Boxes-Multiple Entries
75  Pull Boxes-Multiple Entries
76  Gutter Sizing
77  Conduit Fill-Maximum Number of Conductors Permitted
78  Conduit Fill-Look Ups
79  Conduit Fill-Table based on 2005 NEC® - 40%
80  Conduit Fill-Calculation Worksheet
81  Conduit Fill-Calculation Worksheet
82  Conduit Fill-Calculation Worksheet
83  Conduit Fill-Various Raceway Types
84  Conduit Fill-Story Problems
85  Conduit Fill-Story Problems
86  Surface Metal Raceway-Wiremold®
87  Nipple Fill-Table based on 2005 NEC® - 60%
88  Nipple Fill-Various Raceway Types
89  Nipple Fill-Look Ups
90  Nipple Fill-Story Problems
91  Nipple Fill-Story Problems
92  Conduit and Nipple Fill-Percentage Practice

Answers are provided  for all problems.
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Answers are numbered as pages numbered 63-92 and are found as the last half of the workbook.

Note: Each of these calculations workbook topics has an audio support file available for unlimited use. These audio files are intended to explain each calculations technique. They may be played over and over until you can perform the indicated operation. There is no additional charge for this support. But you will need an audio player. Google Real Audio Player to obtain a free download of a player. Your computer probably already has an audio player installed. Be sure your volume is turned on and not set on mute to access these files.

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