Journeyman Electrician Calculations Workbook #5

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These practice worksheets are intended to be used with a Texas Instruments® TI-30Xa calculator. You may use any calculator but this is the model which will be used for instructional purposes.

JECWB Journeyman Electrician Calculations Workbook

Single Phase Transformers and Motors Table of Contents

Audio Support Information

123  Transformers  Ep  Es  Np  Ns
124  Transformers  Ep  Es   Ip   Is  Np    Ns   eff
125  Transformers  Ip   Is   Np  Ns eff
126  Transformers  Ep  Es  Np  Ns ratio
127  Transformers  Ep  Es   Ip   Is  Pp  Ps    eff
128  Transformers  Ep  Es   Ip   Is  Pp  Ps   Np  Ns   eff   step
129  Transformers  Ep  Es   Ip   Is  Pp  Ps   Np  Ns   eff   step
130  Transformer Proportionalities  T-F
131  Transformer Story Problems
132  Worksheet
133  Worksheet
134  Transformer Story Problems
135  Worksheet
136  Worksheet
137  Transformer Story Problems
138  Worksheet
139  Worksheet
140  Motor Full Load Current-Disconnect Size
141  Motor Full Load Current-Interpolation
142  Motors-Conductor Sizing
143  Motor Branch Circuit Protective Devices
144  Motor Overloads
145  Motor Overcurrent Protection
146  Motor Feeders-Feeder Protection
147  Motor Feeder Overcurrent Protection
148  Motor Efficiency-Generator Efficiency
149   Motor Volt Amperes
150  Motor Power
151  Motor Calculations-Story Problems
152  Motor Calculations-Story Problems

Answers are provided  for all problems.
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Answers are numbered as pages numbered 123-152 and are found as the last half of the workbook.

Note: Each of these calculations workbook topics has an audio support file available for unlimited use. These audio files are intended to explain each calculations technique. They may be played over and over until you can perform the indicated operation. There is no additional charge for this support. But you will need an audio player. Google Real Audio Player to obtain a free download of a player. Your computer probably already has an audio player installed. Be sure your volume is turned on and not set on mute to access these files.

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