Journeyman Electrician Calculations Workbook #6

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These practice worksheets are intended to be used with a Texas Instruments® TI-30Xa calculator. You may use any calculator but this is the model which will be used for instructional purposes.

JECWB Journeyman Electrician Calculations Workbook

Residential Single Family Service Calculations Table of Contents

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153  Residential Lighting Loads  -  Circuits
154  Residential Service Calculations  -  Net Lighting and Appliance Demand
155  Residential Service Aspects  -  Standard Calculation
156  VA Motors in Service Calculations
157  Non-Coincident Load  Heat and AC
158  Fixed Appliance Service Demand  -  Four or More
159  Range Feeder Demand  -  Column A B C
160  Range Feeder Demand  -  Note 1
161  Range Feeder Demand  -  Note 2
162  Range Feeder Demand  -  Weird Combination
163  Household Cooking Appliances  -  Story Problems
164  Household Cooking Appliances  -  Story Problems
165  Household Cooking Appliances  -  Story Problems
166  Household Cooking Appliances  -  Story Problems
167  Complete Service Calculations  -  Residential Standard
168  Branch Circuit Conductors  -  Household Cooking Appliances
169  Branch Circuit Conductors  -  Dryers, Water heaters
170  Branch Circuit Conductors  -  Heat and AC
171  Residential Electric Service Calculations  -  Worksheet
172  Residential Service Calculations  -  Standard
173  Residential Service Calculations  -  Standard
174  Residential Service Calculations  -  Standard
175  Residential Service Calculations  -  Standard
176  Residential Service Calculations  -  Optional
177  Residential Service Calculations  -  Optional
178  Residential Service Calculations  -  Optional
179  Residential Service Calculations  -  Optional
180  Residential Electric Service Components
181  Residential Electric Service Components

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Answers are numbered as pages numbered 153-181 and are found as the last half of the workbook.

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