Master Electrician Calculations Workbook #3

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These practice worksheets are intended to be used with a Texas Instruments® TI-30Xa calculator. You may use any calculator but this is the model which will be used for instructional purposes.

MECWB Master Electrician Calculations Workbook

Three Phase Motor and Transformer Calculations

Audio Support Information

61  AC Circuit Calculations  -  Power 3 Phase
62  AC Circuit Calculations  -  HP 3 Phase
63  AC Circuit Calculations  -  Reactive Power 3 Phase
64  AC Circuit Calculations  -  Motors 3 Phase
65  AC Circuit Calculations  -  kW kVA 3 Phase
66  AC Circuit Calculations  -  Story Problems
67  Worksheet
68  Worksheet
69  Motor Full Load Current 3 Phase
70  Motor Full Load Current 3 Phase  -  synchronous type
71  Motor Full Load Current  3 Phase  -  Interpolation
72  Motor Conductor Sizing 3 Phase
73  Motor Overcurrent Protection 3 Phase
74  Motor Overloads 3 Phase
75  Motor Feeder Overcurrent Protection 3 Phase
76  Motor Torque at HP and RPM 1 Phase 3Phase
77  Vd 3 Phase
78  Vd 3 Phase
79  Vd 3 Phase
80  Vd  -  Story Problems
81  Worksheet
82  Worksheet
83  Vd Chart 3 Phase
84  Transformers  -  Story Problems 3 Phase
85  Worksheet
86  Worksheet
87  Transformers  -  Delta Delta 3 Phase
88  Transformers  -  Delta Wye 3 Phase
89  Transformers  -  Wye Wye 3 Phase
90  Transformers  -  Wye Delta 3 Phase  

Answers are provided for all problems.
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Answers are numbered as pages numbered 61-90 and are found as the last half of the digital download.

Note: Each of these calculations workbook topics has an audio support file available for unlimited use. These audio files are intended to explain each calculations technique. They may be played over and over until you can perform the indicated operation. There is no additional charge for this support. But you will need an audio player. Google Real Audio Player to obtain a free download of a player. Your computer probably already has an audio player installed. Be sure your volume is turned on and not set on mute to access these files.


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