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This 144 page workbook provides a comprehensive look at calculations for electric motors and more. There are over 5000 different questions and answers included. Audio support is provided for each calculations type. Click HERE to hear a sample of an audio file.

This workbook is printed on both sides of 8 1/2 x 11 inch three hole punched paper suitable for a three ring binder which is not provided. 

The workbook is published by ElectricianMath.com which is a companion website to ElectricianEducation.com. The author is David Ullian Larson.

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Let's see if this workbook is for you. Here's a ten question quiz. Get out your code book and calculator for these.

The motor which will be used for all five questions is a 5HP single phase 230 volt continuous duty typical motor. Nothing special about it. Let's say it powers a water pump. It has a service factor of 1.6. A temperature rise of 100 degrees F. The nameplate flc is 26.3 amps. It is located 50 feet from the electric service. The raceway which contains the conductors is not in the sunlight. There are only three conductors in the raceway run to the motor. All lugs associated with this motor are 75 degrees C.

1. What is the minimum ampere rating for a non fused disconnect switch based on the NEC?

2. What is the minimum allowable ampacity for a branch circuit conductor permitted to feed this 230 volt motor?

3. What is the initial standard maximum overcurrent protection device for this single motor if an inverse time breaker is planned?

4. If the initial standard maximum overcurrent protective device will not allow the motor to start and/or run, then what is the absolute maximum overcurrent protective device permitted?

5. What is the initial standard maximum overload permitted?

6. If the initial standard maximum overload does not allow the motor to start and/or run, then what is the absolute maximum overload permitted?

7. What is the minimum feeder size for four motors, all like the above, supplied from the same feeder with no additional other load?

8. What is the minimum allowable feeder conductor for these same four motors?

9. What is the minimum allowable horsepower rating of a non fused feeder disconnect for these same four motors?

10. What is the minimum allowable ampere rating of a non fused feeder disconnect for these same four motors?

If you miss the correct answer on even one of these questions, then the Electric Motors Calculations Workbook would be a useful tool to add to your study library. Why not Invest In Yourself? Brain tools pay big dividends. See the bottom of this page for a link to the answers.

Here is the table of contents from this workbook:

1  Front Cover
2  Dedication -  Copyright - ISBN
3  Introduction
4  Table of Contents
5  Checklist - Reference Formulas Appendix
6  How To Use This Workbook
7  Math Pretest
8  Problem Types
9  Story Problems Worksheets
10  Online Support
11  Internet Links

Basic Motor Aspects
12-15  Motor Terminology
16-19  National Electrical Code Motor Articles
20  Full Load Current - Lookups - Interpolation
21  Substitution Algebra Review
22-23  Alternating Current Formulas - Check Values
24-25  Alternating Current Calculations
26-27  Motor Power Calculations
28-29  Horsepower - Single Phase
30-31  Horsepower - Three Phase
32-33  Volt Amperes - Service Calculation
34-35  Conductor Ampacity Determination
36-37  Conductor Ambient Temperature Correction
38-41  Basic Motor Aspects Story Problems
42-43  Vocabulary Matching Exercises

Single Phase Motor Calculations
44-45  AC DC Full Load Current Lookups
46-47  AC DC Full Load Current Interpolation
48-49  Disconnect Switch Rating
50-51  Branch Circuit AC Calculations
52-53  Branch Circuit DC Calculations
54-55  AC Standard Maximum Branch Circuit OCPD
56-57  AC Absolute Maximum Branch Circuit OCPD
58-59  Air Conditioning Equipment Motors
60-61  Cranes and Hoists
62-63  Feeder Conductor
64-65  Overcurrent Protection
66-67  Feeder Overcurrent Protective Device Ratings
68-69  Motor Overloads - Ultimate Trip Current
70-73  Single Phase Motor Story Problems
74-75  Vocabulary Matching Exercises

Three Phase Motor Calculations
76-77  Full Load Current Lookups
78-79  Full Load Current Interpolation
80-81  Synchronous Motor Full Load Current
82-83  Disconnect Switch Rating - Branch Circuit
84-85  Overcurrent Protection
86-87  Overloads
88-89  Volt Amperes - Service Calculation
90-91  Feeder Conductors 
92-93  Overcurrent Protection
94-95  Feeder Disconnect Switch More Than 1 Motor
96-97  Motor Efficiency
98-99  Torque  -  RPM
100-101  AC Circuit Calculations
102-105  Three Phase Motor Story Problems 
106-107  Vocabulary Matching Exercises

Advanced Motor Calculations
108-109  Combination Loads
110-111  Trigonometry
112-113  Power Factor
114-121  Voltage Drop
122-123  Motor Locked Rotor Current
124-125  FLC Tables
126-127  Electricity Cost
128-131  Motor Control Wiring
132-135  Advanced Motor Story Problems
136-137  Vocabulary Matching Exercises
138-139  Technical Literacy
140  Motor Control Answers
141  Vocabulary Matching - Motor Control Answers
142  Index - Electric Motor Calculations Workbook
143  Other Educational Products 
144  Back Cover

See anything on this list you would like to know more about?

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