ElectricianEducation presents a National Electrical Code 2002 question bank of 1000 different questions with answers. The questions are taken from all articles of the NEC. These questions will provide a challenge to every electrician working to learn the NEC.

Each page has 15 questions. There is a time limit given for each page. Since electrician exams are timed, paying strict attention to the time limits for a page will give a learner a good idea of if there has been improvement in the ability to read a question, find the reference, and answer each question. Answers and code references are provided for every question. These questions are not multiple choice. They are fill in the blank. That makes the questions harder to answer in the time allowed. Harder is better when it comes to exam prep. Fill in the blank, then,  is a much better study technique than if they were multiple choice. 

Here is a sample page:

The purpose of these questions is to give an electrician the opportunity to review what may be seen on an electrical license examination. Topics selected are based on what electricians have encountered on previous examinations. An occasional calculation type question may be found on the examination. So keep a calculator handy for these questions.

The best preparation for any practical examination is comprehensive reading coupled with varied work experience. Other more experienced electricians are a great resource for background. Quiz fellow workers when you find a question you can not resolve through reading.

Other references needed when using this workbook include the 2002 NEC®, The American Electrician's Handbook®, a scientific calculator like a Texas Instruments TI-30Xa, and any electrical theory text book. Since most examinations have questions of this type, the collection in this workbook is the equivalent to many different tests.



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