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Every electrician examination has more questions to answer than time to answer them. So practice with questions in advance of the examination is essential for success.

This workbook has 1000 different questions based on the 2005 National Electrical Code and the American Electrician Handbook. These are the only two references which are typically allowed in the exam room. Some testing authorities allow any copyrighted bound book. Be sure to find out well in advance of the books permitted in your exam room.

The advantage of working on questions like this in advance of the actual exam is that you can commit to memory many answers so you will have additional time to spend on difficult to find questions which you may not have encountered in your preparation.

This set of questions is available based on the 2005 NEC. The questions are printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch three hole punched paper for a three ring binder which is not provided. Answers are provided for every question. The cost is $20 postpaid to any USA address.


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