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2002 NECŪ Reference Formulas Appendix By Mail $20

The National Electrical Code folks are increasing the technical data contained in the code. But they still refuse to add formulas and tables which would make electrical work easier to do. Further, they retain the desire that the book remain NOT a manual for untrained persons. So very few aspects are included in the book to help an electrical instructor train beginning electricians. 

So as a pragmatic blue collar worker and electrical instructor of over thirty years, I have brought together in one booklet, all the formulas that I wish were in the NEC. In addition, I have constructed tables which I feel belong in the code. These tables are of my own invention and derivation. None of the content has been submitted to the NFPA, nor has any of the detail been approved by the NFPA. I simply have taken what they have included and amplified that detail.

Partial Overview

-calculator technique is spelled out step-by-step for substitution algebra problem   solving.
-conversion formulas typically needed are included.
-nipple fill tables not in the NEC are found here.
-household cooking load feeder demand tables are expanded so that             time-consuming calculations are unnecessary for most exam problems.
-ohms watts - series parallel circuit formulas are here.
-a single chart of how to determine wire size, breaker size, service feeder value   and neutral is developed.
-alternating current formulas are given in great abundance.
-constants used in voltage drop are calculated and listed.
-transformer formulas for single phase and three phase are complete.
-unusual words not found in the code index or other word indexes are given           alphabetically with reference.

Every page is punched for easy insertion in the looseleaf edition of the 2002 Edition of the NEC. To make reading easier, the pages are the same size, same layout, and similar type style to the NEC. The look just like what is included in the code. Finding answers is fast and easy.

This tool belongs in every NEC.

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If you are an electrical engineer or design professional, may I suggest that the information contained in my Reference Formulas Appendix 2002 can be used as a general approximation of the actual requirements but you need to verify the contents of RFA through the means you typically use to make these calculations.

This item is available on 8 1/2 x 11 inch three hole punched paper for $20 postpaid to any USA address. Use this buy now button to order with any debit or credit card.
RFA 2002NEC $20 postpaid to any USA address.
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Buy NowReference Formulas Appendix 2002NEC Immediate Digital Download $5.

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