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The best index to use when working with the National Electrical Code is the index at the back of the code book, itself. True, many words do not appear in the NEC index. But most do. So practice using the NEC index in the following way: read through the index from A to Z. This will help you master the concept of key word determination. You will also better be able to know the subdivisions for each key word. That's right. Read it from top to bottom, so to speak. This practice will help you with the structure of the index.

The Search Term Index which I have produced in no way replaces the actual NEC index. But there are times when searching for an article number that has an unusual word in it may be easier with this Search Term Index. This Search Term Index is an alphabetical listing of any unusual words I have found as I worked many way through the code book page-by-page.

After you have tried to find a reference in the NEC index and were unsuccessful, then is the time to give this Search Term Index a try. Find an unusual word in the question. Pay attention to the article number given for the reference. You may get lucky. I hope this index helps you reduce the time needed to find the correct place in the code to determine an answer to a code question.

Just added to this web site is a search term index of unusual words not found in the National Electrical Code index. The intent is to provide an expanded index to assist in locating sections of the code more quickly. This is a great tool for students and test takers.  There are over 2000 entries. The Search Term Index is printed on  8 1/2 x 11 inch five hole punched paper for easy insertion in a looseleaf edition of the National Electrical Code. The cost is $20 postpaid to any USA address.



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Search Term Index 2002NEC $20 postpaid to any USA address.
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