Electrician Technical Literacy Workbook

This workbook is a copy of the words which are included in the Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Electrician Technical Literacy Lists plus the Historical Literacy List. Everyone wants to understand the world we live in. Language is the key to understanding. Therefore to be the best electrician possible requires a great vocabulary. This vocabulary is how we process information. We read: words. We listen to instructions: words. We give instructions: words. Without a clear understanding of the words we read, hear or speak, then communication isn't accurate.

In any technical occupation there exists a specialized vocabulary. So too for electricians. Click on to the level of literacy depending on your job level. There you will find a suggested minimum list of words, terms, abbreviations, symbols, phrases, material identification, and what-ever-else seems important to that specific skill level.

Note that if you have words which you feel should be on this literacy list, then please send on an email to me so that they can be added where appropriate. This Electrician Technical Literacy list is a work in process. Help me make it better. For over twenty-five years I have used something similar in all the classes which I have taught.

But this work-up for the Electricianeducation.com site is the best I have ever managed. I hope you like the concept of improving your vocabulary. This collection of technical literacy is also available in print format if you can not print it out, yourself.

What you get are three lists of 1000 words each. If you are an electrical apprentice, you should know or be working on mastering definitions of the first 1000 words, terms, symbols, and abbreviations. If you are a Journeyman, you should already know the apprentice list of 1000 and be working on the Journeyman 1000. Then lastly, the Master Electrician should know or be working on learning definitions for the remaining 1000 words. Definitions are not provided. That is your job as a student, after all. That's how you will learn these technical terms. You will need to consult the National Electrical Code, dictionaries, and fellow electricians who are more experienced than you to obtain these definitions.


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The lists are printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch three hold punched paper  ready for a three ring binder which is not provided. The price for this workbook is $15.00 postpaid in the USA. 

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