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Electrician Safety

This collection of electrical safety information was gathered to provide education on job safety for working electricians. Many sources have been used. Click on links for credits. Follow links to access additional details.
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See the new page about Zonolite vermiculite asbestos insulation HERE.

Click HERE to see the DOE Department of Energy Electrical Safety Handbook. It is a PDF file of some 320 pages.

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Why Worry About Electricity?  Why worry about electricity?

Deaths.   Electrocutions rank FOURTH (9%) in causes of industrial FATALITIES (behind traffic, violence and construction).  The National Safety council estimates 600 people die every year of electrical causes.  Most of these accidents involve low voltage (600 volts or less).

Roughly 3,600 disabling electrical contact injuries occur every year in the United States, along with another 4,000 non-disabling injuries.

Effects on your body:

A small night-light with a 6-watt bulb draws .05 ampere, and even that small amount of current can be fatal.  Here are some effects of current (in milli amps) passing through a 150 pound body (note that perception is only .5 to 1.5 milli amps):

Effects of electrical shock on your body

Electricity is an integral part of today's modern world, and sometimes it is easy to forget just how dangerous it can be.  Given the correct circumstances, it can kill.  But it can also shock you painfully, damage sensitive equipment, and ignite combustible materials.

This training module will cover some basic safety rules you should follow in regards to electrical safety.  This training is basically for those who are unqualified to be electricians, but whose work may be performed close to electrical systems.

Check out OSU EHS's online Information Library for additional information.

Why Worry About Electricity?

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