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The folks who publish the National Electrical Code® do a pretty good job making an index for the book. But I feel there are several unusual words which are not included in the NEC® index that should be. Being a pragmatist to the core, I have taken time to gather these words and the appropriate references in alphabetical order.

So here are over two thousand entries which might help you locate something in the National Electrical Code® just a little bit faster.  If you print out the list and seven hole punch it, it will fit in with the looseleaf edition of the code book. If you download the list, I ask a $2 shareware fee to help support this feature. Just tuck a couple bucks in an envelope and send to:

David U. Larson
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Thanks in advance. No salesman will call and your name is not necessary since I will not make a mailing list from shareware fees. 

If you prefer to receive a printed copy of this list, I offer a postpaid copy for $14. You can send payment to the address above or click this PayPal button to order online with a credit card:


Please offer suggestions of words which you feel should be added. I also welcome corrections. I see this as an internet community effort. Use the email address for the site  Give article number based on the 2002 National Electrical Code® where the word or words can be found.

Cheers:>) David U. Larson

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