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Master Electrician License Exam Prep Seat Reservation Form

Enrollment fee of $300 due with this registration form for course materials. 

The balance of the course cost is $300 which is payable on the first day of class April 1st, 2016

Students who completed the JELEP2017 course pay $100 for the seat reservation and $300 first day of class.

See details HERE for what is included in the course fee.

Each student will need a looseleaf edition of the 2011 NEC, a Texas Instruments TI-30Xa calculator.

Make checks payable to:

David U. Larson
1342 SW Patricia Avenue
Port St. Lucie, Florida 34953-4903

questions email dularson@bellsouth.net   or call  772.336.0619 


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telephone  ______________________________________________________________

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amount enclosed:  _____________________

Please indicate if you plan to attend or if you  just want the course materials and do not plan to attend by circling  your choice.

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