Reading Comprehension Test - Articles 90 and 100

Use your copy of the NEC to answer each of these questions.

10 Questions   2.4 minutes per question   Answer True or False.


____  1. A 1342 volt non vented power fuse has a provision for escape of arc gases.

____  2. The authority having jurisdiction for electrical installations may provide
               special permission with written consent.

____  3. An oil switch on a 1340 volt circuit has contacts which may be oiled
               for proper function.

____  4. The NEC covers wiring for carnivals.

____  5. A device utilizes electric energy.

____  6. The NEC contains nine chapters.

____  7. A room must have a toilet to be considered a bathroom.

____  8. Live parts are energized.

____  9. Watertight enclosures are constructed so that water will not enter the
               enclosure under specified test conditions.

____10. The NEC does not contain specifications for future increases in electric power
               and communication circuits.

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