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Accept the fact that your score will not be 100%. Passing is all that is needed. So as you work through an exam, permit yourself to skip any question which you know will take a long time to answer. In the same amount of time you spend on one difficult question, you can probably find answers to several other questions.

When you have worked through the entire exam, then return to spend what ever time you have remaining on the difficult skip questions. Even after you have completed the exam with only a few remaining questions to answer, prioritize the remaining questions, as well. Work on those which you feel you might have a chance at getting right before moving on to the most difficult questions. Be sure to mark an answer for each question, since there is no penalty in guessing incorrectly. But not marking an answer for a question will certainly result in a missed answer.

A skip question is easy to identify. There will be many details in the question. There may even be more than one part to the question. It will take up a lot of space on the test page. It will stick out as being a skip all by itself. There will be more than one calculation or look-up to perform to arrive at the answer. Don't let a difficult question act as a time sink to use up all your time.  Learn to skip a difficult question. Of course you can only skip, say, five with no problem. Go ahead and pick a guess answer, though. A guess is OK.

After the exam is complete and all the time has been used for the entire exam, then try to figure out a skip question. Ask around how to solve the problem. Add the technique of solution to your knowledge base so the next time you are confronted with that same sort of question, it will not have to be a skip.

If you find yourself wanting to  skip many questions, then accept the reality that you are not ready to take the exam. Go back to studying all aspects of the exam. Retake the exam when you have to skip fewer questions.

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