My Favorite Tools For Electricians

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Each electrician develops a fondness for tools that approaches a spiritual level. I can without hesitation admit that I love my tools. I have spent more time with them than with anyone else. They are family.

Now my list of favorite tools is just my list. Yours will likely be quite different. Mine is made up of specific brands where that matters. These are the items which have served well. I am partial to tools which last. Tools which have a guarantee, and tools which let me do what I try to do.

Here's my list:

Amprobe - amp meter

Black + Decker - Expendable Power Tools

Channellock - 420 uninsulated, 420 insulated, 430 insulated

Craftsman - wrenches, sockets, hacksaw, screw drivers

Crescent - adjustable open end wrenches

Dremel - tool with various bits

Estwing - hammer straight claw, 24 ounce framing hammer

Fluke - electrical meters

Ideal - side cutting pliers, T-5 wire strippers, benders, fish tape

Irwin - drill bits, flat bits

Klein - tool pouch, tri-tap tool, 228-2 pliers, cable cutters

Lenox - saw blades, hole saws, hack saw blades

Makita - screw gun

Milwaukee  all power tools

Quick Wedge holding screw drivers

Ridgid - pipe wrenches, vise, dies

Square D - Wiggy volt meter

Stanley - box knife, 24' 1" tape measure, nut drivers, awl, magnetic torpedo level

TIF - tic tracer

Weiss - aviation tin snips


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