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This Electrical Contractor Technology Update course at  ElectricianEducation.com is intended to assist an electrical contractor  in obtaining information about technological advances important to  an electrical contractor. Since the electrical contracting business is so varied, no one set of update topics  can work for all contractors. So this course allows an electrical contractor to follow the specific interests important to their actual business needs. This internet activity is intended to encourage electrical contractors to update their technical knowledge.

There are twenty-five specific technical update subjects which make up the menu of choices. Each participant can select the topic areas which hold the most interest to them. They then follow links to up-to-the-minute internet content to investigate the topics they have selected.  

Answers to all questions are HERE.

Index Of Electrical Technology Update Topics

Arc Fault Devices

Back-Up Power Supply

Copper Versus Aluminum Conductors

Current Limiting Fuses

Exothermic Welding

Electrical Measurement Instruments

Electrical Vehicle Advances

E Motor Efficiencies

Fiber Optic Cable

GFCI Systems

Harmonic Current Awareness

HID Lighting

K Factor Transformers

Load Management Improvements

Motor Control Equipment

NEC 2005 Changes

Phase Monitoring

Power Factor Correction

Power Generation Changes

Preventive Maintenance Techniques

Programmable Logic Controllers

Short Circuit Current

Smart House Technology

Solar Power Technology

Surge Suppression Technology

Thermal Imaging Equipment

Torque Application Equipment


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